About Us

Sorokin Painting Services LLC is a recognized leader on the local market and a growing company from Mansfield OH, and we’re proud of that fact.

 When customers think about quality and customer care, they think about Sorokin Painting Services LLC. That’s because ever since we started this company, we’ve been focused on making clients happy. Our commitment to clients isn’t just about offering them a great service, but an overall experience from start to finish. We know that few people will comment on a wonderful service, but will definitely remember it. 

At Sorokin Painting Services LLC we offer customized solutions to meet your needs and to build strong lifelong relationships. We treat every customer as we want to be treated.

 Our process ensures that absolutely nothing falls through the cracks, whether it’s delivering our product or addressing client questions or concerns. Calling ourselves a well-oiled machine might be cliché, but it has the benefit of describing Sorokin Painting Services LLC perfectly! Other than a passion for what we do, there is real dedication here. This means that we’re constantly striving to improve ourselves for our customers. When you work with Sorokin Painting Services LLC, you join a team of people who believe in the genuine value of customer satisfaction.